Aug 04

July 50Words for $50 Contest Winner: Cristina Golondrina Rose


Tita Tells Me

Tita Margie tells me about it:
The first time she saw a ghost was when she was nine –
            (a dark woman in white cotton with her black hair in two buns) –
And the ghost was my great-grandmother
            (raped and murdered in the War by the Japanese as my Lola watched).

Cristina Golondrina Rose is a Pinay-Xicana artist, scholar, travel writer, writing teacher, women’s circle organizer, and poet from LA. Completing my PhD with a focus on Mestiza identity, and she is currently refocusing on my creative writing. Following three writing workshops – with Cherrie Moraga, Ana Castillo, and VONA (for writers of color) – she is working on a travel memoir entitled, On Becoming a Woman of Color.