Sep 01

August 50 Words for $50 Contest Winner: Megan Mann

Congratulations to Megan Mann on a job well done with 77 votes for her piece.

The weight feels like the globe on Atlas’s back.
Go to school. Graduate.
Pay your student loans. Get your dream job.
“Why haven’t you moved out?”
“You should buy a new car.”
“Do it all on your own. Don’t ask for help.”
I’m not Atlas. My back’s going to break.


 Megan Mann is a writer with a degree from Purdue University. She self-published her first novel in 2009,  and her short story “The Sounds of Familiarity” won the Stark Tinkham writing award and  has recently had an article “The Bad Bitch Paradox” published on the international website HelloGiggles.com.  She is currently working on her second novel and striving towards a career as a published author.