Mar 01

February 50 Words for $50 Winner: Keri Withington


Bruised knees on hardwood
–ribs displaced against bedframe
desperate for guidance.

There is no divinity in hunger
–light-headedness of low
blood sugar caffeine cravings.

Speaking to heaven I feel
–worn patchwork quilt
calloused hands warm in mine.

Supplicating we find
–the body glorious
corporeal understanding.


Keri Withington began writing poetry as an angst-ridden middle schooler and filled notebooks through high school. While earning her BA in English at Brigham Young University, she focused on poetry, and then earned a MA in prose at the University of Winchester. She is now working towards a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies and taking poetry classes at the University of Tennessee. Professionally, she is an English faculty member at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, TN. Her poems have appeared in journals such as RasCal and Kula Manu, and are forthcoming in Blue Fifth Review. She is a vegan, loves camping, and has a new-found love affair with kombucha. Keri is married with three kids, a giant mutt, and a pesky housecat.