Blotterature is an online literary magazine, started in August 2013 by a few Region Rats who came together via The Literary Underground, along with late night poetry and debauchery.  “Blotterature” is an obsolete term that means non-high-brow literature, or non-elite. Essentially, it’s writing for the masses or literature for the people. The staff at Blotterature believes that literature should be accessible and not just for the “in-crowd” of literary folks, and that it doesn’t necessarily take a highly-trained artist fresh out of an MFA program to produce good literature, either. Therefore, our mission is to merge creative academia with the underground, as there is value in both sides of the spectrum.


We gravitate to pieces that are void of the fluff and poetics. Realism and something that really grabs our attention is what we look for. Something that makes us say “Wow! I wish I wrote that.” We do not publish anything that entices hate, bigotry, rape culture,or homophobia. We love a really good storyline that we have never encountered and great dialogue with proper use of regional dialects can really catch our eye. However, bad dialogue can be a deal breaker.

We have plans–big plans. Blot added print issues in 2015 and remains committed to publishing quality online issues and reviews. In addition, we have been hosting readings at local venues throughout Northwest Indiana to promote the literary arts and friends of Blot. Our largest project will be moving operations to an independent bookstore Julie is opening in 2016. A variety of new creative projects are constantly being thought up and implemented.  And who knows, maybe in a few years we will move towards publishing books and chapbooks.


We love working for the literary community. To do so, we put in a lot of time and effort, as well as our own money, to make things happen. We funded the 50 Words for $50 Contest for a full year to help motivate writers to keep on writing and we would love to bring the contest back in the future. We also host literary events in the community and offer book reviews to authors in the small press at no cost. And most important, we do not charge reading fees!  Everyone at Blotterature appreciates all contributions that come our way, because without our loyal donors and supporters Blotterature would not be able to move in new directions. Thank you all!