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May 04

lot Lit Reviews: Not Quite So Stories by David S. Atkinson

Not Quite So Stories, David S. AtkinsonLiterary Wonderlust, 2016Reviewed by Kelsey Tabbert

Not Quite So Stories, David S. Atkinson Literary Wanderlust, 2016 ISBN: 9781942856030 Reviewed by Kelsey Tabbert Each strange but humorous tale from David S. Atkinson’s Not Quite So Stories feels like a small adventure into a world trapped between the familiar and the uncanny. A pattern establishes itself quickly, each story having some exaggerated component …

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Mar 23

Blot Lit Reviews: Dancing on Broken Glass by Barbara Moore

Dancing o Broken Glass, Barbara MooreNightWing Publications, 2015Reviewed by Kelsey Tabbert

Dancing on Broken Glass, Barbara Moore NightWing Publications, 2015 ISBN: 978-0991450510 Reviewed by Kelsey Tabbert Each poem in Barbara Moore’s Dancing on Broken Glass feels like a snapshot of memory. Although the memories are not your own, Moore manages to capture something unmistakably familiar with each one—conjuring the melancholy comfort of looking back. This is …

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Jan 31

Blot Lit Reviews: The Blue Girl by Laurie Foos

The Blue Girl, Laurie FoosCoffee House Press, 2015Reviewed by Kesley Tabbert

The Blue Girl, Laurie Foos Coffee House Press, 2015 ISBN: 978-1566893992 Reviewed by Kelsey Tabbert In Laurie Foos’ mysterious and surreal novel, The Blue Girl, rumors float around a small lake town telling of a girl with blue skin who lives in the woods. The girl remains only a rumor until one day three mothers …

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