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May 01

April 50 Words for $50 Contest Winner: Barbara Harroun

Congratulations to Blotterature‘s April 50 Words for $50 Contest Winner Barbara Harroun! Elvis Resurrected I wrapped her breasts in ace bandages, then duct tape. Preshow prep in flesh colored underwear, her hair still damp from the temporary dye. Black rimmed the nape of her neck like wept mascara. Bird boned. In the mirror she swung …

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Apr 01

March 50 Words for $50 Contest Winner: Meg Eden

Congratulations to Meg Eden! Blotterature‘s March 50 Words for $50 Winner! In Tokyo, three months after the earthquake, everyone is living their lives normally, everything covered in stickers that say:  Do < 3 Japan. The air-conditioning is off in every building, saving for Tohoku, loving for Tohoku while that gaudy crab display over the seafood …

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Mar 01

February 50 Words for $50 Winner: Keri Withington

Fasting Bruised knees on hardwood –ribs displaced against bedframe desperate for guidance. There is no divinity in hunger –light-headedness of low blood sugar caffeine cravings. Speaking to heaven I feel –worn patchwork quilt calloused hands warm in mine. Supplicating we find –the body glorious corporeal understanding.   Keri Withington began writing poetry as an angst-ridden …

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Feb 01

January 50 Words for $50 Contest: Sam Zagula

  Park A constant noise Drowning Out all thought Of focusing on Anything Besides Cars And the fat People driving them   This is Sam Zagula’s first publication. We love it! Congrats!

Oct 01

50 Words for $50 Contest Winner: Supie Dunbar

Congratulations to 50 Words for $50 Contest Winner Supie Dunbar. Till Death Do Us Part A fractured hip. Surgery. His devoted wife hates to see him suffer and when he says it’s too painful to get up, she lovingly bathes him, empties his urinal, massages his legs. “Feels good,” he says as her kneading fingers send …

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Sep 01

August 50 Words for $50 Contest Winner: Megan Mann

Congratulations to Megan Mann on a job well done with 77 votes for her piece. The weight feels like the globe on Atlas’s back. Go to school. Graduate. Pay your student loans. Get your dream job. “Why haven’t you moved out?” “You should buy a new car.” “Do it all on your own. Don’t ask …

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Aug 04

July 50Words for $50 Contest Winner: Cristina Golondrina Rose

  Tita Tells Me Tita Margie tells me about it: The first time she saw a ghost was when she was nine –             (a dark woman in white cotton with her black hair in two buns) – And the ghost was my great-grandmother             (raped and murdered in the War by the Japanese as …

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Jul 01

50 Words for $50 Contest June Winner: Jean-Luc Bouchard

“Deaf Ears,” by Jean-Luc Bouchard I lost my husband in 1903. In 2002, I remarried. They all ask: “What did you do for 99 years?” And I used to give detailed descriptions of my career in photojournalism, of my time abroad. But I learned soon enough that all anyone wanted to hear was, “I waited.” …

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Jun 01

50 Words for $50 Contest Winner

Congratulations to Candice Reed!  Winner of the 50 Words for $50 Contest. Her submission received 153 likes, shares, and “great” responses within a 24 hour period.  Below is her entry: Confidence is a stray cat, occasionally lurking on the edge of vision, skittering if I look directly at it. It spits if I get too …

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