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Jun 06

An Interview with E.S. Holland

E.S. Holland

A while back Blot Lit Reviews sent E.S. Holland our set of interview questions so we could celebrate Twelve Winters Press’ new imprint, Maidenhead Hall, a publisher of smart erotica. Holland’s short novella City of Broad Shoulders: An Esmée Anderson Experience (No. 1) was the first to be published and we hope there will be …

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Apr 27

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Callista Buchen

callista Buchen

I heard Callista Buchen read her poetry last fall at an event hosted at Purdue University Calumet and knew instantly that her writing was something special. However, it wasn’t just about Callista’s work that drew me in. The kindness and comfort she projected made me interested in her work even more. And when she says “I feel keenly that we …

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Apr 14

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Nadia Bruce-Rawlings

Obi Wan Kanobi Bruce-Rawlings

With connections to Blot’s poetry editor, Michele McDannold, and our good friends at Punk Hostage Press, it is perfectly natural to have Nadia Bruce-Rawlings as our featured writer this week. Her book SCARS received a rave review by Catherine Vlahos and we say you will rave about her interview too. Enjoy! Blotterature has a strong connection to our …

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Mar 22

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Thaddeus Rutkowski


We would like to thank Thaddeus Rutkowski for taking the time to participate in our Q/A interview. We greatly admire his work here at Blotterature. Please enjoy what he offers below. Blotterature has a strong connection to our place – industrialized Northwest Indiana – and it is reflective in our writing. Tell us where you …

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Jan 27

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with August Smith

August Smith

We love presses that look out for their writers. Nostrovia! Press sent August Smith and his collection Bird Lizard Horse our way, and we are so glad they did. As an extra bonus to you, Nostrovia! offers the ebook as a free download. And on top of that, all this wisdom from August I his …

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Jan 25

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Sean Bernard

Sean Bernard

Today we have a great interview with Sean Bernard for you to enjoy. He has lots to say about his writing and process. We hope you enjoy! Blotterature has a strong connection to our place – industrialized Northwest Indiana – and it is reflective in our writing. Tell us where you are and how your …

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Jan 21


Michael, Chauncy and Ollie

Blot Lit Reviews has a most excellent interview with Michael Gillan Maxwell for you to enjoy. We really love this interview because it is like reading a story that you don’t want to end. He says exactly what he means and some of his insights ring so true. Read and find out what resonates with you too. Blotterature …

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Jan 11

Blot Lit reviews: An Interview with Susan McCarty

Susan and Swayze

Blot Lit Reviews would like to thank Susan McCarty for graciously giving our readers an abundance of information and plenty of author look-ups to explore. She gives a us a whole lot to think about in terms of how we identify with the writing community and the limitations we may be creating. We hope you enjoy! Blotterature has …

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Dec 22

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Brian Alan Ellis


 Photo courtesy of Brian’s Tumblr account We are finally getting Brian Alan Ellis’ review posted for all of you! We don’t know Brian in a let’s crash his house and drink a bottle of bourbon kind of way (although we would if we lived close), but we have developed a friendly–sometimes weird–online rapport. He reminds …

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Dec 20

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with John Whittier Treat

Blot Lit Reviews is always interested in reading work that encompasses the heart of a community. We seek to draw attention to themes that move us. John Whittier Treat’s The Rise and Fall of the Yellow House does just that. Below you will find John’s answers to our questions and how much he can say …

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Dec 01

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Tom Janikowski

tom jan

All of us at Blotterature were fortunate enough to meet Tom Janikowski at Small Prestivus last summer in Griffith, Indiana. Such a unique talent and all around great person! We were so excited to have the chance to review his book, The Crawford County Sketchbook and have the opportunity to ask him a few questions. …

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Nov 05

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Sara Henning

author photo_Sara Henning

Her chapbook Garden Effigies is a moving depiction of abuse, body, female experience, and survival. What can we find out about Sara Henning, beside that she has a cat that looks mysteriously similar to Review Editor Kayla Greenwell’s cat? Well, we thought we’d ask her some questions, and here is what we learned about the warm and wonderful …

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Oct 29

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Najiyah Diana Maxfield

Mila, again. Since she's such a cutie.

This week Blotterature dove into the YA world with Najiyah Diana Maxfield’s Sophia’s Journal.  We follow up our exploration with an interview with Maxfield, who responded to our questions in quirky, green ink—a testament to her bright and friendly attitude. Cat pics included, here is what she had to say: Blotterature has a strong connection to …

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Oct 22

An Interview with Shawnte Orion

Orion Pet

You wouldn’t know it by the vibrant colors in the photo above, but Shawnte Orion’s favorite color is dark green. I don’t know what dark green can tell us about Shawnte, but the Q/A below sure can. Enjoy! Blotterature has a strong connection to our place – industrialized Northwest Indiana – and it is reflective …

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Aug 31

An Interview with Ellaraine Lockie

Another me and Haiku

A big thank you to Ellaraine Lockie for giving so much to us in this interview. She continuously supports the small press and we appreciate that. Our hope here at Blot is that our readers will discover her wonderful work as we have. Enjoy! Blotterature has a strong connection to our place—industrialized Northwest Indiana—and it …

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Aug 29

Blot Lit reviews: An Interview with Karen Stefano

karen_portrait_001 (2)

If you don’t know Karen Stefano, well, you should! She is an amazing writer and gracious as hell.  Karen was introduced to Blotterature via the Connotation Press clan and we have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to review her collection The Secret Games of Words.  Her interview below reveals her love for …

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Aug 28

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Aimee Herman


Blot Lit Reviews featured a review of Aimee Herman’s poetry collection ‘meant to wake up feeling  last week by guest reviewer Lily Rex. This week we offer this little Q/A interview with Aimee. In addition to these ditties, please check out her website where you can find links her spoken word offerings. Way cool! Blotterature has …

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Jul 09

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Amy L. Eggert


Amy L. Eggert is a Midwest gem. Her work appears in Festival Writer, Bluffs Literary Magazine, Heart, and American Book Review, and her heart-wrenching, blood-and-guts collection certainly captured our attention. Blotterature is thrilled to have reviewed Scattershot. Blotterature has a strong connection to our place – industrialized Northwest Indiana – and it is reflective in our writing. …

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Jul 08

Special Interview Edition: Rami Shamir

Kickstarter Rami

An Interview with Rami Shamir Rami Shamir is a force, paving the way for writers to get their work out there without Amazon sucking them dry, and showing all of us that community can help you build something greater than you can ever dream on your own. Rami first connected with Blotterature after reading our …

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Jul 07

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Jared Yates Sexton

author's photo 1

I met Jared at AWP in Minneapolis this past spring. Really cool. Really approachable–he is from Indiana after all. His book, The Hook and The Haymaker caught my eye–maybe because of the long history of fighting and hooked noses in my family? Who knows? But I do know that it was one of the only books I purchased …

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Jun 25

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Stephen Roxborough

Stephen & Dillie Roxborough

Stephen Roxborough has a personality that is larger than life. We first met him this past spring at A Rainy Day in Seattle part 2 and were intrigued by his endless storytelling and quirky outlook. We are glad that we had a chance to work with him through Blot Lit Reviews and  look forward to reading his …

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Jun 21

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Roberto Carcache Flores


It is always nice to get repeat customers here at Blotterature. In this case, Roberto Carcache Flores was published in one of our full length issues and contacted us about reviewing his debut chapbook, A Condensation of Maps, published by Dink Press. Roberto is an up and coming poet/prose writer with a fresh voice and beautiful …

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Jun 18

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Jessica Goodfellow


Blotterature has been having much discussion lately about form in poetry and if there are any “rules” that make one form ok and the other not.  So, when Jessica Goodfellow addresses the “Yes, but is this a poem?” question with “I shrug, and put it in the manuscript anyway,” I raise a big HALLELUJAH! Because …

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Jun 11

An Interview with Karen Lillis

Karen Lillis

Blot Lit Reviews would like to thank Karen Lillis for giving her time and thoughtful words to our readers. Please note the second half of the community question–a little advice we all should keep in mind. Please enjoy! Blotterature has a strong connection to our place – industrialized Northwest Indiana – and it is reflective …

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Jun 07

An Interview with Kevin Brown

Kevin Brown

In Jonita Davis’ review of Kevin Brown’s poetry collection, Liturgical Calendar, she states that it is a “contemporary rendering of a year in a life, wherein the poet layers a secondary journey much deeper into human relationships than the first.” I think you will find this true also in his answers to our questions below–serious …

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Jun 04

An Interview with Len Kuntz


I had the pleasure of meeting Len Kuntz at AWP in Minneapolis this year. Gracious and energetic, his positive vibes were sincere and welcoming. Len’s interview below reveals how open he really is personally and professionally. I hope you are compelled to seek out his work–online and in print–because as I explained in my review of …

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May 28

An Interview with Emily Alta Hockaday

Em & Cordie

Blot Lit Reviews is thrilled to have Emily Alta Hockaday featured in today’s interview. Not only a superb poet, as recognized in Lyle Carating’s review of What We Love and Will Not Give Up, but she is also dedicated to the writing community–which we love. We hope you enjoy what Emily has to share. Blotterature has a …

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May 21

An Interview with Bill Yarrow

Bill Yarrow

    There is no one in the writing community that comes close to Bill Yarrow’s generosity and warmth. To know him is a true blessing. He is a connector of people and roots for everyone to succeed at their craft. We asked Bill a few questions, and to our delight he proves his modesty–and sense of humor. Enjoy! Blotterature has a …

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May 17

An Interview with Robert P. Kaye


  Chatting with Robert P. Kaye  for the first time is like meeting up with a friend of twenty years. Welcoming and generous, he is the very definition of community. And on top of that, he is a terrific writer (check out Blot’s review of Typewriter for a Superior Alphabet). Below you will find out more …

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May 14

An Interview with Charlotte Mandel

CharlotteMandel. jpg

Blotterature is grateful that respected poets, like Charlotte Mandel, are sending us their work for review. In yesterday’s review, Elizabeth Mobley examines Mandel’s Through a Garden Gate and quickly identifies her strongest attributes as a poet: imagery and space. We hope you enjoy our little Q&A below and learn more about this outstanding woman. Blotterature has a …

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May 08

An Interview with Michael Haeflinger

haeflinger berlin 2014

This week’s featured review and interview is a bit different from what you all are used to getting from Blot Lit Reviews. Yesterday, Michelle L. Quinn reviewed Lantern Lit, Volume 2, a three-in-one deal featuring chapbook length material by Michael Haeflinger, Mike Meraz, and Frank Reardon. Michael has been kind enough to answer a few questions …

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May 03

An Interview with Robert Vaughan

Sage Vaughan

    Blotterature has been very fortunate to come across some exceptional people throughout our introduction to the literary world these past two years. Robert Vaughan is definitely on that list! He is genuinely warm and inviting towards everyone, and a fantastic writer as well. We hope you enjoy his interview and check out his work …

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Apr 30

An Interview with Kathryn Roberts


                      Blot Lit Reviews welcomes Kathryn Roberts to the fold of talent that passes through our little corner of the literary world. In her interview below, Kathryn scatters bits of insights that have been helpful to her writing process and development as a novelist. Be …

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Apr 23

An Interview with Leslie Anne Mcilroy


If you read yesterday’s review of Leslie Anne Mcilroy’s SLAG, then you know all about my overwhelming enthusiasm for this collection. Leslie confirms in her interview what it is about her work that resonates so deeply with me. Her dedication to opening the conversation about social issues through storytelling in her poetry is inspiring. This is poetry that makes …

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Apr 19

An Interview with Ann Cefola


  We must apologize to Ann Cefola. As we were converting to our new website, Ann’s interview did not transfer and post as scheduled. It is Blotterature’s intention to not only highlight the writing, but to also introduce the writer to our readers. If you missed Lyle Carating’s review of Face Painting in the Dark, please take …

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Apr 16

An Interview with Michael Patrick Collins

Michael Patrick Collins

Blotterature loves it when one of our contributors reaches out to us to do more for them. So, we were thrilled when Michael Patrick Collins contacted us for a Blot Lit Review. We hope you enjoy what Michael has to share with all of us. Blotterature has a strong connection to our place – industrialized …

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Apr 02

Interview with Michael Trocchia

        Blot Lit Reviews is pleased to have Michael Trocchia featured this week. His answers in the interview are indicative of his poetics found in his newest collection, Unfounded.  Complicated–maybe? Layered–definitely.  But do note that he has no complaints, revealing that he is well grounded (or at least unaffected).  Enjoy! Blotterature has a strong …

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Mar 19

An Interview with Crystal Simone Smith

  Crystal Simone Smith is not just a poet/writer or editor. She is who we all want as a friend, a neighbor, a motivational force that keeps us moving towards the goal. Elizabeth Mobley states in her review of Smith’s collection that “[s]itting down with Running Music is like sitting down for coffee and conversation with …

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Mar 12

An Interview with Tom Glenn

      In Lyle Carating’s review of No-Accounts, he states that “Tom Glenn is able to insert reflections of his own experiences,” therefore, giving emotional impact and personal insights into the harsh reality that he writes about in his stories.  Toms interview will touch you, make you think, maybe even bring a tear to your …

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Mar 11

An Interview with Susan Lewis

    Last week Blot Lit Reviews published Elizabeth Mobley’s beautiful review of Susan Lewis’ collections How to Be Another and This Visit.  Today, we give you the awaited interview with Susan for you to explore and discover where her philosophies and expertise intertwine with her craft. We always find it most interesting when the …

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Feb 26

An Interview with Jed Myers

Reading Jed Myers‘ interview below is like reading a piece of his poetry. His words flow quite eloquently with precision and meaning. In Kayla Greenwell’s review of his collection Watching the Perseids, she notes that Myers’ “poetry shines brightly and moves with the power and passion of a celestial force.” We hope you enjoy these musing as …

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Feb 19

An Interview with Kristina Marie Darling

          Blotterature was excited when Kristina Marie Darling sent her collection, The Arctic Circle, our way for a review. We see her work widely published in the small press and admire her dedication to her craft–especially when taking risks. In her interview below, Kristina displays her positive attitude–a quality we all …

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Feb 12

Interview with Donelle Dreese

  Hello friends! Welcome Donelle Dreese to the impressive list of writers featured in Blot Lit Reviews. Jonita Davis’ review of Dreese’s Deep River Burning states that “Dreese’s unique lyrical style and her knack for capturing the natural image in simple, but descriptive terms…create a motion picture setting in the reader’s mind’s eye.” In our …

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Feb 08

Interview with Maureen Alsop

Blot Lit Reviews is pleased with the exceptional work and talent that comes our way. Janine Harrison’s review of Maureen Alsop’s Later, Knives & Trees is a testament to that fact. Below is our interview with Maureen that speaks to her poetic license. And do yourself a favor, watch the brief video. We love it! Blotterature …

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Feb 05

Interview with Cindy Huyser

Blotterature has a strong connection to our place – industrialized Northwest Indiana – and it is reflective in our writing. Tell us where you are and how your place fits into your art. I live in Austin, Texas, where I have spent most of my adult life. Place provides a grounding for my poetry, and …

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Jan 15

Interview with Sally Deskins, Visual Artist

    Sally Deskins is amazing! She is in constant motion, not only creating her art, but also offering opportunities for women in the arts to shine. As founding editor of Les Femme Folles, Sally is turning out beautiful quality work and providing a platform for underrepresented artists which speaks to her character and devotion to the arts community. Blotterature thanks her …

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Dec 30

Blot Lit Reviews: An Interview with Laura Madeline Wiseman

  Laura Madeline Wiseman has been a great friend to Blotterature and we are always excited when she has a new collection for us to review. She is one of the hardest working small press writers out there today, fearless in her marketing and generous with her time. Kayla Greenwell gave a glowing review of …

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